Ted Cruz Demonstrates Once Again Why People Don’t Like Him

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Poor widdle Teddy Cruz, he is just so misunderstood and picked on all the time and now he has once again demonstrated why people hate him.

The Washington Post reported:

In the space of just seven minutes here Thursday, Ted Cruz reminded fellow Republicans that he has few friends in the party.

First he tangled with former House speaker John A. Boehner, a longtime foe who so dislikes Cruz that he labeled him “Lucifer in the flesh.” Then Cruz undercut another Republican, fellow presidential candidate John Kasich, who had entered into an alliance with him to stop GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

“There is no alliance,” Cruz told reporters on Thursday, acting as if a pact announced by his own campaign days before had never happened.

Minutes later, Kasich strategist John Weaver dispatched a cryptic tweet: “I can’t stand liars.”

It was just another day for Cruz though. It seems that his entire mission is to piss people off and lie his ass off about everything. According to his dumb ass, people in Congress don’t like him because he “stands up” to the Washington establishment.

He really needs to learn that politics are not the same in Washington as it appears to be in Texas. Cruz has apparently never learned the value of speaking the truth, compromise, and/or give and take to get things accomplished in Texas.

Here is a short list of things he has done to shred his likeability:

  • forced the government shutdown in his quest to kill the PPACA in 2013
  • declined to endorse GOP colleagues in 2014 facing challenges
  • refused to apologize for openly calling Mitch McConnell a liar
  • openly feuded with John Boehner and helped plot his ouster as Speaker
  • being a backstabbing asshole when it suits him

Add in the fact that his religious fanatic father has proclaimed him a “King” according to Dominionism and it isn’t all that hard to see why this obnoxious little bastard is so unlikable. Let’s just hope that he gets sent packing after he loses his next election attempt to stay in government.

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