Supergirl Saved From Cancellation By The Flash And Green Arrow

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It didn’t look good for Supergirl at the end of Season One. Don’t get me wrong, they ended strong, but CBS has a history of canceling shows. Just period, a history of canceling shows. Honestly, they make their entire paycheck based on police procedurals, spin-offs of police procedurals, and The Big Bang Theory which is deeply offensive to geeks.

And then there was Supergirl. It was markedly inconsistent – no episode was awful, precisely, but those episodes that were not good were very contrived and obvious. Lessons learned previously were quickly forgotten for the sake of tension and/or drama. But the episodes that were good… were REALLY good.

I feel as though the show lacked vision – as many episodic shows do in their first season. Sure there was a story arc, but it had a pretty light touch, all things considered. And the pure and simple fact that CBS does not have any rights to the “SUPERMAN” character didn’t help either. Points at which the Man of Steel WOULD have come to help, he didn’t or he was conveniently explained away – much like the first season of Justice League: Unlimited “disappeared” the Kryptonian to give the weaker heroes a chance to shine. Once this was pointed out to the network (by a fan, if I recall), they put a stop to it. Supergirl was and is a solid premise, now it just needed a slightly better execution.

But that isn’t what CBS does so the show was instead… executed. Yup. CBS cancelled the freshman show.

Enter Warner Brothers. The CW wanted to snatch up NBC’s Constantine, but couldn’t get the rights in time to save the show, so they just saved the character instead. I am rather hoping we see more of Matt Ryan (the eponymous John Constantine) on future episodes of Arrow, The Flash, and soon… Supergirl.

Yup. Supergirl has been rescued by Warner Brothers and will feature it’s season 2 alongside The Flash season 3 and Arrow season 5 (which is rumored to either be a) the last season of Arrow, or b) Amell’s last season of Arrow, which given that he IS the Arrow, I hope they don’t continue on with out him – but that is a discussion for another time). Lately Arrow has been taking a dip in the pool of inconsistency, but The Flash is still strong. Given that Supergirl had the same lighthearted tone that The Flash does, my hope is they maintain it. This means a number of things:

1) Superman might actually appear on the small screen. Some people want Tom Welling to reprise his role from Smallville. I’m torn on this – I don’t like Tom Welling but I do like continuity. The casting of Henry Cavill made me physically ill.

2) As they have already established that Supergirl is part of a different world (Earth 3 perhaps?), they will have to a) bring her into Flash and Arrow’s world, b) bring Flash and Arrow into HER world, c) keep separate continuities (please no), or d) do a mini-Crisis on Infinite Earths (yes please!). TIE THIS SHIT TOGETHER PEOPLE! You will make many fans squee very, VERY hard.

So those are my thoughts on Supergirl. I am glad they are getting a season 2 and even more glad that it is with the CW. I just hope it lives up to its potential.

Adam… out.

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