Super Stupid: Trump’s Attack On Obama Is Why The World Laughs At America

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Early Sunday morning, Donald Trump continued to rant against Obama because Donald Trump is a fucking idiot. After having even Republicans call him on his insane tweet about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, Lil’ Donny needed to find some other way to distract his followers before they started to realize they voted for an incompetent dumbass.

His solution? He pulled this tweet out of his ass:

You see that?! Obama was making secret deals with the Russians, too! AHA! Checkmate libtards!

Of course, there’s just one teensy little problem here. While, yes, a hot mike caught Obama saying this, he was already president! And when you’re president, you get to discuss what you’re going to do as president. It’s kind of part of the job description, something Trump would know if he actually knew what it means to be a president.

On the other hand, there’s a rapidly growing mountain of evidence that Trump and his campaign were colluding with the Russians before the election, which is 100% illegal in every possible way. But, you know, it’s totally the same thing so don’t pay attention to what the evil liberal media is saying!

Twitter, of course, had a few choice words for Trumplethinskin:

We are witnessing a pretender to the throne unraveling at lightning speed. The harder Trump tries to contain the tsunami of leaks that is overwhelming the White House, the faster he sinks. The question is no longer if Trump will be forced out of the Oval Office, it’s a question how long before Republicans decide to cut their losses ahead of the midterms.


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