Super Funny Republicans Hope Nancy Pelosi Is Raped Because April Fools

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While some of you may be celebrating April Fools’ Day by pretending to be Republican or sticking cardboard between the cheese in your spouse’s sandwich, some Republicans are spending it making rape jokes. Because hahaha rape is so funny, hahaha. Right?

While scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed of my  troll account, I came across this post by a self-proclaimed Jesus lover and superfan of Lord Cheeto:


Posted by Heidi Knepper on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Now, I could black out her name and give her privacy, but she posted this publicly so OBVIOUSLY she is very proud. And better than the post itself, are all the people commenting on it wishing it were true. Cause you know how much of a rape advocate Jesus was:

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Yes, because har har she’s so ugly she has to pay to be raped. I think I heard that super clever joke by some kid in middle school once….he’s in prison now for rape.

Cause you know how all women need to be raped to keep them in line.

Apparently Darlene thinks rape fantasies are something all women have.

I just can’t….

Because Pelosi being raped would be a victory for the God-fearin’ right.

Wait. So we have to build a wall to keep rapists out unless they rape someone we don’t like then it’s cool? Seems logical.

I could go on, but I’m sure you are already throwing up in your mouths. It’s terrible isn’t? These are the people we walk among when we leave our houses. These are the people who we are supposed to make nice with for the “good of the country”? No f*cking thank you. I’d rather shit in my hands and clap.

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