Sunday Morning Blasphemy!

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blasphemyI love the fact that conservative Christians are voting for Trump by the millions. They’ve finally dropped any and all pretense that they care about “family values” and “morality”.

Instead, they’ve gleefully embraced a serial cheater that has bragged for decades about his affairs. These are the exact same people that were outraged OUTRAGED at a sitting president cheating on his wife and now they want to elect Donald Trump for president.

Why? Because to them, putting minorities and women back in their place is THE single most important thing. Bar none.

There’s a reason Millennials are the least religious demographic in the country and after this election, that trend will only continue. Conservative Christians have poisoned the very idea of religion in their minds. And once we break the Religious Right’s stranglehold on our body politic, everything the Republican Party has worked for: Greed, hate, unrestrained capitalism, the Me Me Me society, all that will fade away.

What a damn shame that will be.

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