Stephen King Has Twitter Throw Down With Trump

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We are all familiar with Stephen King. If you aren’t, where have you been for the last 30 years or so? Carrie? The Shining? IT? Even if his creations aren’t quite your cup of tea, he has been part of our popular culture for almost as long as I can remember.

He is no stranger to Twitter, either. He is just like the rest of us: tweeting about his day, his dog (Molly aka The Thing of Evil) and occasionally takes on politics. Discussing politics on a social platform is always risky. There are trolls for days. With someone of King’s ilk, there is always a fear of alienating fans. Stephen King, the modern name of horror, gives zero fucks. He hates Lord Cheeto and is not shy about it.

He was fired up yesterday, tweeting about Comrade Orange’s unsubstantiated claims of Obama wire tapping Trump Towers. He went on a spree of tweeting hysterical scenarios.

Nooo! Not the ice cream!! That was his special ice cream – Putin gave it to him as a house-warming gift when he moved into the White house. Now he’s going to have to wait until all this Russia buzz dies down before he can get any more.

He may as well have. There has been no evidence to the contrary. There has also been no evidence that anything was tapped, but who needs evidence? Right?

It’s Trump’s version of the Boogey Man! Obama is still lurking in all his dark spaces, ready to strike at any moment. We can just see him having secret service agents check all the cupboards and under the beds before he goes to sleep tweets into the night.

Yesterday was not the first time Stephen King has tweeted to his 2.94 MILLION followers about the lunacy that is Donald Trump’s mind. He has been flirting with getting added to some sort of McCarthy-era list since the campaign.

Here are a few more for your enjoyment:

King has rhymes!

He’s the KING of imagery, isn’t he? (see what I did there?)

Perfect metaphor. He is nothing but a grown hooligan trying to sabotage all of us.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed with all the news about the current administration, take a break and visit Stephen King’s Twitter feed. Chances are, he feels the same. He just has a much more imaginative way of wording his issues than the rest of us.

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