Stephen Hawking Just Revealed How He Feels About Trump’s Muslim Ban And It’s Spot On

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Insufferable twit Piers Morgan had the opportunity of a lifetime when he sat down with Professor Stephen Hawking for an interview on the UK morning show, Good Morning Britain. But instead of availing himself of Hawking’s mountainous wealth of knowledge, he was unable to help himself from talking about the object of his undying affection: Donald Trump. Specifically, he wanted to know what the Genius-IQ scientist had to say about the President’s “travel ban,” which has now been issued and struck down twice by the courts.

Morgan set the tone of the interview by asking Professor Hawking what he thought of Trump’s presidency so far and,

Is the global liberal hysteria in reaction to Donald Trump winning the election justified?

Hawking was perhaps more forthcoming than Piers was prepared for:

His priority will be to satisfy his electorate who are neither liberal, nor that well-informed.

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By the time the host got to the travel ban, he was just reciting the questions he must have rehearsed a thousand times, and again, Hawking was ready with an answer that could not have pleased Trump’s British sycophant:

His travel ban brands as Islamic State terrorists all citizens of six mainly Muslim countries, but not including America’s allies such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, which allegedly help finance Islamic State.

This blanket ban is inefficient and prevents America recruiting skilled people from these countries…[I]t should be replaced by a more selective, intelligence-based approach, but again: I fear this may not happen as Trump continues to appease his electorate.

Far be it from the right-wing, however, to ever consider the advice of people who are demonstrably smarter than them.

Watch their entire exchange here, with the travel ban discussion from 2:40 to 3:25:


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