Spicey Admits White House Coordinated With Fox News On Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy

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Rod Wheeler, a long-time commentator for Fox News and former homicide detective, brought a lawsuit against the president’s favorite news source on Tuesday. His suit says that a Fox News reporter and a wealthy Trump supporter credited him with quotes that were entirely false. This was in the attempt to perpetuate the lie that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC because he uncovered damaging information regarding those damn emails. Wheeler was hired by Rich’s family to investigate his death.

The Fox reporter, Malia Zimmerman, is accused of making up quotes and attributing them to Wheeler to fluff up her Fox story on Rich’s death. Fox’s President of News, Jay Wallace, stated that there was no “concrete evidence” that he didn’t say those things. However, Wallace isn’t offering up any concrete evidence otherwise – hardly surprising considering the source.

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This story just gets better. Sean Spicer told NPR that he was unaware of any contact involving the president and Fox on the story. However, he admits that he was briefed on it well before it aired. He met with that wealthy Trump supporter, Ed Butowsky, in April.  He met on April 20 at the White House with wealthy investor and Wheeler. Spicer stated:

Ed’s been a longtime supporter of the president and asked to meet to catch up. I didn’t know who Rod Wheeler was. Once we got into my office, [Butowsky] said, ‘I’m sure you recognize Rod Wheeler from Fox News.’

However, the day after Fox’s report aired, about a month after the meeting, Spicer said he was not aware of any such story. Because Spicey was paid to lie to perpetuate lies to make the Democrats look like murderers. Totally normal. They retracted the story, but it already inflicted the intended damage.

Fox News is Donald Trump’s favorite news source. I have always thought it was because they favor him. Turns out they just make shit up to seem credible. This lawsuit is a nice change of pace – those pesky sexual assault suits were beginning to get old.

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