Somebody Tell Lord Cheeto To Stop Spamming My Inbox With This Crap

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Do you remember when Donald Trump said that he would be using all his money to finance his campaign? Do you remember when he said he was going to save the U.S. money because he wouldn’t accept a paycheck? That BIG. FAT. Orange. LIAR.  In a 24-hour period I have received TWO requests for money from that glorified panhandler.

OK. So, they aren’t requests from the actual Donald, but I wonder how many people are going to believe that their savior sat down and sent them a personal request for a small donation. The emails read that they are from Donald J. Trump and, sometimes, that’s all his supporters need to give up their hard-earned dough for bragging rights.

Why the hell would that troll need ANY of my lower middle class income? My husband is a teacher and he earns every single penny on his paycheck, and then some. I earn every bit of my pittance, too. According to the emails, I can help by donating as little as $10.

So, my $10 is going to help create a safer America? How, exactly? A brick for the wall? I’ll tell you what, Don, I’ll keep that $10 and feed my dog. He barks every time a stranger gets close to the house.

I feel confident that that is the best bang for my buck. Plus, my dog loves me. Agent Orange only loves himself.

Activating your 2017 Sustaining Membership is about more than our movement. This is about a better future for all of us. We cannot allow the Fake News Media to flood the airwaves and mislead the American people.

How are these funds fighting fake news? For real, if Trump would take a few less trips to Florida, he would have all the money he needs to fight his so-called fake news. I can’t help but point out that it wasn’t fake when it was about Obama or Clinton.

If he wants my money, he’s going to have to stand under the bridge or at Walmart with the other panhandlers – at least those people look you in the eye when they beg.

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