Ammosexuals Squeal In Delight For Iowa’s New Gun Laws, ‘Mmmm, Baby!’

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Iowa amended their gun legislation and all the ammosexuals are rejoicing. The bill passed the state Senate on Thursday and the House last month. It is now sitting on Governor Terry Branstad’s desk awaiting his ultimate approval.

The new bill makes changes to the current legislation that are backed by the NRA. You know if it’s backed by the NRA, there is trouble brewing. Here is the list of changes being made to the current gun regulations:

1. Gun permits would be valid for five years. According to the law now, gun permits are only valid for one year and requires an annual background check. With the change, the background check is also good for five years.

2. Children under 14 would be permitted to use handguns as long as they are in the presence of an adult 21 or older.

3. Gun owners with permits can bring concealed firearms into capitol buildings.

4. Law-abiding people do not have to retreat before using deadly force.

Seriously. Why does the NRA want us all to die? You know what I mean: they get off on lax firearm legislation. Bigly

I do not want to see any child under 14 toting around a hand gun even if they are in the presence of an adult. Have you met children under the age of 14? They can’t even be trusted to brush their teeth every day, much less handle a weapon that can take out their siblings.

And yes, bringing concealed weapons into capitol buildings is a lovely idea. I give that a big HELL NO. With mental healthcare being what it is in this country, I would not trust anyone to bring a firearm into any government building. Remember, their last background check could have been five years ago!

We can’t forget the Stand Your Ground amendment. This is the legislation that killed Treyvon Martin. This is the excuse Michael Dunn tried to use when he killed Jordan Davis. Every person with an itchy trigger finger and built-up anger will be actively looking to find a reason to shoot.

Gun laws are not about being anti-gun. Gun laws are in place to protect regular citizens like you and me. Loosening regulations may make the ammosexuals happy, but what about the rest of us? Sure, those with the guns feel safe, but the rest of us are at their mercy. It’s just one more example of putting politics before people.

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