SNL Mocked Trump Supporters And They Are Boycotting The Show, Y’all!

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SNL’s cold open last night treated us to another performance of Alec Baldwin mocking the stupidity of Donald Trump. Only this time, the show openly mocked Trumpers, too. It was a sight to be seen and one that has certainly wadded the underpants of a few of Trump’s most ardent supporters.

Oh, they are angry guys and they are going to do what people do when they are angry. . . BOYCOTT!

Yeah, that’s right. Just like they are giving up shopping at Nordstrom, which btw, has ZERO stores in West Virginia, they are going to stop watching Saturday Night Live – a show they likely never watched to begin with.

First, we have to talk about this guy, though. While yes, he is calling for a boycott of SNL, his tweet was all about Lawrence O’Donnell. He does realize Lawrence O’Donnell is an actual journalist on a cable news station and Saturday Night Live is a comedy show, right? He knows that, right? And, knows the difference?

OMG, I don’t think he does.

Now, on with the rest. . .

Because Macedonian fake news features the only “real current events” this guy is interested in.

“I don’t know how SNL is still on the air but I can rage-tweet the moment they air something. Boycott!!”

Umm, what?

LOL I have no words and he can’t spell them. See, if you look hard enough you can find common ground with anyone – even a Trumper.

Watch SNL mock Trump Supporters, here:

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  1. No Trump supporter is smart enough to get satire. The reason they are angry at SNL is because stupid people get angry at things they cannot comprehend.

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