Should The European Union Bomb Idaho?

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Lookout, Idaho! We don’t want you to get “MOAB’d” if you know what I’m sayin..

Under what circumstances should it be acceptable for one Sovereign Nation to bomb another? With President Rump’s recent penchant for surprise bombings, inquiring minds want to know. According to the precedent our current administration is setting, if the U.S. feels that another country is harboring terrorists who may wish them harm…bombs away! No need to consult with the U.N., get congressional approval, or any of that other red-tape democratic garbage that’s been slowing us down for years. He’s keeping us safe from ISIS, and making good on his campaign promise to “bomb the sh*t out of ” them.

Minor problem: it turns out that those inconveniently slow democratic processes are actually there for good reason. For example, Northern Idaho has long been known as a breeding ground for Neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups. These groups are causing big problems in Europe, and terror incidents involving right-wing extremist groups are on the rise. Six European countries have legislation banning the use of Nazi symbols and flags, and in some European countries just uttering certain phrases can get you into hot water. So how is a budding Neo-Nazi to communicate with and recruit fresh blood? Enter the U.S. with their First Amendment free speech for all. According to a 2016 study by George Washington University:

White nationalists and self-identified Nazi sympathizers located mostly in the U.S. utilize Twitter with relative impunity and often have far more followers than militant Islamists.

So….and here is where it gets dicey…if there was a terrorist attack in Europe that was linked to Neo-Nazi extremists, and Northern Idaho is known to be providing a safe-haven for Neo-Nazi Groups…wouldn’t it perfectly reasonable for the E.U. to consider bombing Northern Idaho? We have a responsibility to keep the world safe from terrorists, right? Right??

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