Seth Rogen’s Trumpster Fans Go Nuts After He Tells The Truth About Steve Bannon

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Actor and comedian Seth Rogen doesn’t express political views very often, but when he does, Breitbart fans are there to call him a Nazi him for it.

Website CEO Steve Bannon seems to have formed a vendetta two years ago after Rogen compared ‘American Sniper’ to the fictional Nazi propaganda film in the third act of Quentin Tarentino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds.’

Today, with Bannon emerging as the true power center in Donald Trump’s White House, Rogen reminded his Twitter followers of the weirdness that has ensued at Breitbart News.

Altogether, there are about two dozen stories at Breitbart mentioning Rogen. Almost all of them mention him negatively, and Nazi references abound.

In one of the two articles that Rogen highlights, editor-at-large John Nolte accuses the Jewish actor of racism for tweeting “fu*k you” to Ben Carson, who had made some harebrained comments about the Holocaust. In the other story Rogen highlights here, Nolte tries to blame the disappointing box office performance of the Steve Jobs biopic on Rogen’s tweet to Carson.

See the common thread there?

Rogin reactions

As always, a diverse crowd had every kind of reaction to this fresh episode of a long-running social media controversy. Many people were supportive, validating Seth Rogen’s view.

Some were hilarious:

Others took note of what is so very, very weird about Nolte’s spin.

By the way, cackled with glee when ‘Sausage Party’ received poor reviews from feminists and the animators complained about their working conditions. Which underlines an important point about the negative reactions to Rogen’s tweet: they don’t acknowledge that Breitbart is, in fact, a propaganda website, and that its coverage of his films is vindictive.

Some of Trump’s supporters took offense to criticism of Steve Bannon. How dare anyone call him what he actually is! Why, don’t you people know that he learned to hate liberalism as a Navy officer during the Carter presidency? Surely that excuses all the white nationalism, goofy conspiracy-mongering, and unrepentant racism.

Of course, what’s not being said in any of these tweets is that Bannon makes films too. In fact, he’s fairly obsessed with using the medium to promote right wing politics. And he does it badly.

Take his bizarre Sarah Palin doc ‘The Undefeated,’ which one viewer described to me as “Luis Buñuel editing Leni Riefenstahl on booze and downers.” Or take ‘Occupy Unmasked,’ Bannon’s delightfully pointless and overwrought hit piece on the Occupy movement.

No, really, take them, as I have no use for them. Neither do moviegoers: unlike Seth Rogen, Bannon has never had a theatrical success.

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