Seth MacFarlane Trolls The F*ck Out Of Trump And His Fans Are Elated

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Everyone’s favorite cartoon crooner, Seth MacFarlane, is never far from the news, and never far from Twitter. He’s a well-known lefty, and he has never been shy about telling it like it is with current events — so he’s been a busy tweeter since the election of Donald Trump. But his message for the Toddler-Handed Tyrant after Friday’s spectacular failure to repeal Obamacare came from the baby MacFarlane made famous on “Family Guy,” Stewie Griffin:

In six little words (paraphrased from a Family Guy scene), Stewie eviscerates the Republican effort to rip away the health care system so many Americans have come to count on. It seems even more fitting coming from a tot like him, since children would have been affected the worst by the GOP’s heartless repeal-and-replace “plan” they worked so hard on.

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His fans had a heyday:

The Republican health care plan was so bad, they couldn’t even catch a break from a fictional character. It’s a good thing Donnie doesn’t owe Stewie any money.

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