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We have such a treat in store for the April 29th episode of As Senility Spews for you! Poor old Unca Upchuck has a LOT of things he just doesn’t understand at all, and it isn’t just the election process.

He starts this one off with how confused he is, all of a sudden mind you, about how the election process works. By the way, his lack of education/sophistication aren’t his only problems, in case you haven’t noticed. There’s also his stubborn refusal to adapt to the myriad changes of our society and “bitter clinging” to his fantasy of how things used to be.

“However, I submit that, a person doesn’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to see that both major political parties have built mechanisms into their primary processes that enable the backroom boys to insert their grubby fingers and affect the outcome.

In fact, the whole thing reminds me of a tax return; convoluted, difficult and confusing, with the rules changed at the whim of the party bosses and their puppet masters to favor or disfavor whatever candidates they deem worthy or otherwise.

We practice a constitutional republic form of government, but nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it give power to a handful of power brokers and tag-along scalawags who sit behind the scenes and decide who the party candidate will be, completely circumventing the will of the voters.”

Is it just me or is Chuckles acting like this is something that has only just started happening? He then goes even further by mentioning his irrelevant analogy of the election process and tax returns, as though both are one and the same.

Something also tells me Chuck has remained underneath the Rock of Ignorance for far too long and has also ignored that what he is bitching about has been going on ever since we set up our form of government. He then goes on to display the ignorance that can be cured by doing a simple search on anything:

“It’s a mystery to me how sometimes the winning candidate comes out with a few delegates and the rest are “unbound”, and I think that means just about whatever the power players and major donors want it to mean.

And what in the name of Boss Tweed is a superdelegate? Can they fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound or are they just another tool in the establishment box, held in reserve and used to make sure the favorite son (or daughter) of the party hierarchy gets the nomination?”

Seeing as how actual research and reading are not Charlie’s strong suit, here’s some quick education on what bound and unbound delegates are: “Bound delegates must vote for a certain candidate, while unbound delegates are free to vote their preference.” That is the short and simple explanation because we all know how limited the attention span of a right-winger is.

As for what a super delegate is, well that is: “A nonelected delegate to a presidential nominating convention, usually an office-holder or influential party leader, who is not pledged to support any particular candidate.

Google is your friend Chas, learn how to use it. Loved the reference to Boss Tweed there, as though he is insinuating that is what has just started happening in this day and age.

Then he goes on to talk about how Sanders giving Clinton a run for her money, as well as how he is “forcing” her to move even further to the left. He wraps up all that nonsense with how this nomination was always “in the bag” for Hillary. As for his preferred side of the Republicans, though:

“After spending untold millions of dollars, they have watched their establishment candidates fall like tin ducks in a shooting gallery, with the exception of John Kasich who can’t possibly have any skin left on his teeth, as precarious as his position has been.

That has left the Republican Party with two choices they are choking on, and though they have waited for decades for high profile charismatic candidates, now that that have a couple, they cringe in fear that if elected, he will disrupt the flow of business as usual, the mutual back scratching and back room deals that maintain the status quo.

A changing of the guard for both parties is way overdue and due to the popularity – or maybe I should say notoriety – of Hillary Clinton, it’s probably not going to happen in the Democratic ranks this go around.

But, the Republicans are a horse of a different color, I believe that a brokered, or managed convention that ignores the two top candidates and tries to give the nomination to an insider, could rip the GOP asunder, leaving the good ole boys holding the bag, and an empty one at that.”

In other words, Chuckles wants Trump over Cruz. If he actually thinks things will improve under Trump, then he has another think coming! Trump is a master of shady, backroom deals while Cruz is nothing more than a rabid Talibaptist with fifty shades of Dominionism. Republicans are the only ones responsible for the sorry state of their party/candidates, and no one else.

Stop on by the soapbox and let Charlie Daniels know what you think, although it is quite evident that he doesn’t really care.

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