Secretary Tom Price Made A Bigly Mistake When He Accepted Invitation To Throw First Pitch At Baseball Game

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A word to the wise: it probably isn’t a good plan to agree to throw the first pitch at a Nationals game when you are unpopular in politics. Tom Price, the Health and Human Services Secretary, learned this to his regret Wednesday evening.

Price was greeted with boos from the crowd upon entering the field, due to his fantastically horrible job as part of Trump’s cabinet and his efforts to help repeal the ACA, leaving two million Americans without healthcare. Luckily, they have been unsuccessful, due to their fantastically AWFUL health “care” replacement bill. We all know they don’t actually give two shits about any American being able to go to the hospital or to a routine doctor exam, they think they can appease us with shitty health care and be done with it. At the end of the day, they still have excellent insurance that we pay for, so what does it matter to them? Sadly for them, but luckily for you, we are here to keep your attention on what actually matters.

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Twitter users decided to share the story and his humiliation:

Tom Price, the head of HHS, just threw out the first pitch at Nats Park. He wasn’t greeted warmly.

— Ben Standig (@BenStandig) August 9, 2017

Price sucks at life and we’re all eagerly awaiting Trump’s late night Tweet about his bro being dissed by the crowd, stay tuned ladies and gents.

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