Sean Spicer Says It Is ‘Very Clear’ He Does Not Want To Discuss Memos (Audio)

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Sean Spicer gave a press briefing today on Air Force One. As we can all imagine, many of the reporters wanted to know about the Comey memo regarding Mike Flynn – more importantly, Trump’s side of the memo story. The vast majority of us believe that there is indeed a memo – and probably more. Comey was not fired out of the blue for “grandstanding” as Trump so hypocritically said. There’s definitely a fishy smell coming from the Oval Office.

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Answering repeated questions about the Comey-Flynn memo, Spicer replied,

The president is confident in the events that he has maintained and the truth will — he wants the truth. He wants to get to the bottom of this. The president has been very clear, this is not an accurate representation. We put out a statement last night. It’s very clear what our position was. I think that’s there a lot of questions that other people — they’re out there talking about this event and what’s appropriate with some of the stuff with respect to what Dir. Comey did or did not do.

What’s very clear is that Spicey has been backed into a corner with the news about Comey’s notes regarding some inappropriate actions of Trump. Let’s just sit back and listen to the man squirm. As uncomfortable as he is, we just cannot feel sorry for this man.

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