Sean Spicer Just Said Something So Bizarre You Will Ask If We’re Living In The Upside Down

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In a characteristically short and stutter-filled press conference on Thursday, Trump’s favorite lapdog Sean Spicer once again took to the podium to “answer” questions from the press regarding current events. As is his style, it was filled with “to the best of my knowledge” and “I’ll refer you back to” for every question he was presumably not told specifically to study the answer for. He tore through the president’s schedule with gusto, detailing upcoming meetings with Harley-Davidson executives, listing some last-minute staff additions, gushing about how amazing Skype is, and finally settling on a softball question about his invocation for Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Prayer Breakfast–which was apparently intended to be “lighthearted.” Because everyone knows how funny Trump is.

Speaking mostly in talking points, Spicer briefly addressed religious liberty, and the Republican belief that oppression happens first at the top of a company, like Hobby Lobby, and their concern with not wanting to “penalize someone for wanting to express their faith,” apparently forgetting that they did just that to 7 whole countries full of people less than a week ago.

But the centerpiece of today’s presser was definitely Spicer’s classic response to a reporter asking about the recent anti-Muslim hate crime in Quebec City. The Prime Minister of Canada himself stepped in on Tuesday after Fox News falsely claimed in a now-deleted tweet that the mosque shooter was a Muslim from Morocco, when in fact it was a lone, angry, white, Trump-supporting dickhead. The reporter asked Spicer what President Trump intends to do about homegrown terrorism:

“[Trump] is looking at it from every angle. I think the first thing is to make sure we look at our borders. It’s, you’ve gotta protect your own people first.”

Borders are, of course, not where homegrown terrorism originates. Perhaps he’d like to clarify?

“You look at the borders, you look at who we’re letting in, then you also look at what we’re doing internally with our own intelligence agencies and the FBI that make sure we’re looking at whether it’s the cyber threats that we face or, or other terrorist activities but we’re making sure we work with the NSA, and the FBI to be ahead of the curve, if you will.”

So I guess that’s a no, then. It’s more than a little depressing to think that either we’re in for long game-style deflection and feigned ignorance from Trump and his henchmen, or they really are stupid enough to think a question about the very real threat of internal terrorism like Timothy McVeigh or Dylann Roof is answered with another racist platitude to their followers about the danger lurking at our borders. “Crazy or Just Stupid” is the game we play now, I guess.

It IS nice to see that the administration is back to working with our intelligence agencies, though! Perhaps they can give Team Trump a lesson on what “homegrown terrorism” is, although it doesn’t look like they’re terribly concerned.

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