Sean Spicer Had A Major Wardrobe Malfunction The Internet Will Never Let Him Forget (IMAGES)

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Poor Shady Spice. That guy doesn’t seem to know which way is up most of the time. How can he? His boss is a bloviating, angry mess like 83% of the time, and the other 17% he’s sleeping. But Sean Spicer’s malady has never been more apparent than today, when he actually came to his press briefing wearing the GOP-required flag pin on his lapel — upside-down.

It may not have been on purpose, but that’s the point: Shady just can’t seem to keep it together these days, and maybe his heart knows something his brain hasn’t caught up to yet.

It wasn’t long before the world took notice of the clear cry for help:

A concerned reporter asked Mr. Spicer about the pin, and if he was okay:

And yeah, the Ol’ Slicer Dicer says he’s alright, but just look at that face:

“My zipper’s down too? Jesus Christ, you guys!”

Some folks took a larger meaning from Sean’s subliminal messaging:

One thing’s for sure. This will be the last time Spicer makes that mistake, because Donald Trump doesn’t go for easy fixes:

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