Scared Republicans Refuse To Show Up For Town Halls

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Voters are fed up with their representatives. These assholes get elected by the people, but then go running scared when the voters want to talk about their performance. There have been many reports of representatives not showing up to meetings after others, who have shown up, have been booed and relentlessly questioned.

Last month, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) missed the fourth town hall put on for him by a constituent group. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) has missed many town hall meetings, even when he was actually in Colorado at the time they took place.

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The latest, and possibly best, instance took place in Lexington, KY this past Saturday. Voters there have been all but begging for the state’s congressional representatives — Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Garland “Andy” Barr — to answer questions in person. They even booked a venue for Saturday and hand-delivered town hall invites to the politicians’ offices.

None of their representatives attended. However, the town hall went on as planned as they propped up three mannequins in suits to fill in. They called it the “Empty Suits” town hall. Richard Young, an organizer, talked a little bit about the constituents who wanted this meeting while on the air with a local radio station.

Attendees included everyone from people who are very, very progressive to disaffected Republicans who say this is the only time in their lifetime they have not voted for a Republican. They’re not just coming out of nowhere.

The Republican Party of Kentucky denies that claim … because of course they do.

Representative Tres Watson also spoke to the radio station, saying:

These are purely partisan individuals who are clearly bitter about election losses. They’re representing fringe minority opinions of policy issues.

We call bullshit! How many times have we heard that ‘libtards’ are bitter since the election? We may be bitter, but these are REAL issues and constituents have REAL concerns. These representatives represent ALL their constituents, not just the ones who voted them in.

As working adults, we are subject to pay cuts if our performance isn’t up to par. We are also required to go to planned meetings. It’s time these representatives do their damn job and answer to the people who put them in their positions. They represent US – and that means everyone.

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