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Scaramucci Compared Himself To…Monica Lewinsky?

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Some people will just do anything to stay in the public spotlight. People like Anthony Scaramucci, whose name was starting to disappear from the daily news cycle but who did his best to bring it back last night by sending out a tweet calling Ryan Lizza, the New Yorker journalist who recorded on a late night phone call with Scaramucci and later released it, the “Linda Tripp of 2017.”


Linda Tripp secretly recorded private conversations with former WH intern Monica Lewinsky which contained sensitive information regarding her affair with Bill Clinton.

Who does that make you, Mr. Scarmucci? The Monica Lewinsky of 2017? Is there something you are not telling us about your relationship with Mr. Trump?

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Even Ms. Lewinsky found Scaramucci’s tweet entertaining, retweeting it this morning with the addition of a blushing emoticon:


And people are loving it:





Here’s the thing, Mr. Scaramucci: nobody feels bad for you. You drunk dialed a reporter late at night and said a bunch of crass, nasty things about your co-workers, then acted all surprised when he leaked it and you got fired. Maybe you don’t understand how reporters make their money, but leaking tawdry comments like yours is his actual job.

Trying to gain the public’s sympathy by comparing yourself to Monica Lewinsky is just not going to work in this situation, no matter whose c*ck you claim to have sucked.

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