Sarah Palin’s Latest Cry For Attention Is Just Sad

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Sarah Palin just can’t help herself. In a desperate bid to maintain some sort of relevancy, even if only among the handful of faithful dimwits who still love her, Caribou Barbie is still manning her own Twitter account, and she hasn’t gotten any better at it. She still obsesses about the “liberal media,” the Obamas, and her own looks.

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Ironic, then, that she would tweet an article about unfavorable photos being used as some kind of smear in the media:

The article linked here complains about unflattering (i.e. normal lighting, non-airbrushed) pictures of Kellyanne Conway. But it’s not like anyone posted pictures of Palin that were less than perfect — heck, she had professional hair and makeup for years, including on her terrible reality show, her kid’s terrible reality show, and her 30 appearances next to goblin-faced asshat Sean Hannity. It’s hard to find a picture we can use here that doesn’t show her perfectly coiffed, even if we search specifically for one:

I can’t imagine what the monkey selfie or the picture of Joe McCarthy are doing there

Still, it’s not a stretch to imagine that many outlets do in fact use unflattering pictures of politicians to advance their agenda subliminally:

the obamas on their way to pick up his nobizzle prizzle

Sometimes people even draw comparisons when they’re “unintentional”:

I know that guy! connie! who does this look like?

Unfortunately, the article she references is a half-ass re-write of a re-print of an article by Jay Caruso, a Sarah Palin sycophant who once published anti-Trump diatribes, whose latest gig apparently is defending Kellyanne Conway. That makes the angle even harder to pitch, because it is notoriously hard to find flattering pictures of Ms. Conway, who was clearly the victim of photographer pranks as far back as high school:

spouting enough static to fry hair since junior year

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The ugliest part of the whole affair is that Sarah Palin is still whining about unfair media treatment. The fact that I’m even writing this article is a testament to the forgiving nature of the media, since she is an unrepentant, aggressively stupid, right-wing asshole.

Sarah, you should keep yourself busy like the rest of the Republicans — not seeing Russia from our own back yard.

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