San Bernardino Shooter Was Not A Muslim So The Media Is Ignoring His Religion

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Cedric Anderson is the 53-year-old shooter from San Bernardino who killed his wife (a teacher), an eight-year-old special needs child and himself yesterday. It seems as though his short-lived marriage of three months was partly to blame for the murder-suicide. Reports have also surfaced of his criminal past which includes weapons charges, drug charges and accusations of domestic violence.

For now, his Facebook page is still up and public. It appears as though some of his family members have turned it into a memorial page for him. His posts show that he was not quite well in the weeks leading up to yesterday’s tragic shooting. Looking over some his posts is like getting an inside view of his mind. The majority of his posts are very, very religious in nature.

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Here is an excerpt from a very long rant posted on March 14 of this year:

Also on March 4th, he posted this photo. He seems to be blaming the Devil for some of the thoughts in his mind:

Going back a little further to July, he posted the following. Although not religious in nature, it illustrates his thoughts – especially regarding those who ‘have nothing to lose’:

My question is this: WHY is this guy’s religion not being considered as a factor in yesterday’s nightmare? If this had been a Muslim man, that would be the first thing mentioned by all media outlets. Headlines would read “Muslim Man Suspected In San Bernardino Shooting.” I know it and you know it. Is it fair to give him a break because he’s a Christian? It seems as though religion played strongly in his everyday reasoning.

If we are going to place blame on killers’ religious beliefs, it has to be ALL religions. No religion should get a break. The Christian right love to point out any atrocity committed by a Muslim – it seriously is the ‘in’ thing to do if you love the Good Book. As of now, I haven’t found any media sources outright saying he acted based on his religious convictions, but you know damn well that the next Muslim in America who shoots and kills anyone will be convicted based on that alone.

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