Samantha Bee’s Controversial Tweet Was So Close To How Trump Thinks…She Deleted It

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Samantha Bee was apparently forced to watch the Tangerine Terrorist’s speech tonight for her show Full Frontal and she made an observation that was so controversial she was forced to delete it.

When Trump was ranting about undocumented immigrants, Bee tweeted what we all know Agent Orange really wanted to say:

We understood what she meant, but clearly some people did not:

@FullFrontalSamB At first glance I thought this was an Ann Coulter tweet.

My God, people, save the outrage for truly outrageous stuff.

While those idiots didn’t seem to understand what she was saying, not everyone was so dense:


Well, obviously, but his healthcare plan likely will not include mental health benefits.

Keep those guns loaded and the immigrants behind the wall! Trump’s plan seems totally legit even if he can’t say it outright.

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