Rush Limbaugh’s Rant About Game Of Thrones And Millennials Is A Sign He’s Finally Gone Insane

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Rush Limbaugh has apparently lost his damn mind, not unlike Cersei Lannister. Recently, he decided to post a rant about Millennials recapping Game of Thrones on his website. Thank goodness Cersei doesn’t have the power of the Interwebz at her fingertips.

Limbaugh, like many people (me included), enjoys watching Game of Thrones. He also enjoys reading the recaps about this show, but only the ones written by Millennials. Why? Because he thinks we (I, too, am a Millennial) are deluded enough to believe the show is real because we watch it on our phones.

Yes, you read that correctly: he thinks that all Millennials believe Game of Thrones is real life. Because we watch it on our phones.

They write not just about this show,” he says, “they write about these shows as though they’re real. As though the characters are real. As though the events are real.

I personally have to watch it on my tablet because my TV is broken at the moment and I’m a poor college student. Unless you have an Iphone Plus, phone screens are so tiny, it’s just not conducive to the awesomeness that is Game of Thrones.

I do have to admit,  it would be cool to meet real dragons. And Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark are my favorite characters- we’d be BFF’s for LIFE!

Sorry, had to have a fan girl moment.

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Limbaugh’s only reasoning behind this insane claim is that he read something published very recently saying young people are so obsessed with the internet and “an iPod Touch screen” that we have “withdrawn from reality.” He also seems to think we spend too much time at home, but not with our parents. He doesn’t mention this source, because who needs proof of a claim like that?

Looks like Jon Snow isn’t the only one that doesn’t know anything, neither does Rush Limbaugh.


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