Roseanne Barr Has Just Earned A Ton Of New Fans With Pro-Trump Tweet

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Let’s all face it: Roseanne Barr is batshit crazy. Do you remember when she ran for president in 2012? She placed sixth in the general election. Roseanne Barr is not necessarily the first woman we all envision as leader of the free world, but she definitely has strong political beliefs. She believes that Democrats are anti-Semitic and that Trump is making science a priority.

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That doesn’t mean I don’t like her as a performer, she is just slightly unhinged as an actual person. All you have to do is go to her Twitter account and read some of the nonsense she spews. She is a very outspoken Trump supporter. One of her most recent tweets was a reaction to attacks against Trump.

Readers on Breitbart lost their minds praising Roseanne. Let’s all review their comments regarding celebrities speaking out against Trump. They called Meryl Streep washed-up – Meryl Streep. Now, suddenly, Roseanne Barr is the epitome of stardom. Please.

It’s not so refreshing when others in Hollywood denounce your president, is it? If I were a betting woman, I would wager that this person didn’t think trashing Obama was all that bad.

Now, I’m not denying Roseanne has a mind. She is a very intelligent woman. However, her perspective is completely insane. Intelligence and insanity is a scary combo.

I highly doubt this person has been saying anything remotely close. If Trump is the “personification of the will of the American people”, wtf was Obama? Oh yeah. Trump supporters didn’t even think he was American – even with his birth certificate.

I just don’t even know how to respond to this, other than I think they and Roseanne could have all kinds of crazy conversations.

Why are “leftists” anti-American? Because we want to see some change that truly benefits our people? That we believe in climate change and the arts? Their logic eludes me.

So, what Breitbart readers are really saying is that OF COURSE people are influenced by celebrities. I mean, why would companies use celebrity endorsements, otherwise? Celebrities also have every right to use their fame for their political soap boxes. What really burns their asses is a celebrity who speaks out against The Orange One.

It’s just one more example of their hypocrisy. One washed-up celebrity is not more credible than another because they support specific views.

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  1. Very strange…For years I liked her comedy, but there’s always been something ugly under it all. Now I see what it was. She’s a hypocrite. She played a poor torn down American Housewife, but she’s nothing more or less than another rich fuck who doesn’t want anyone to get their hands on her pile.

  2. Once she was a Democrat, when she didn’t have any money. Now she is rich and she votes Republican. Follow the money. It’s that simple.

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