Right-Wingers Have Meltdown Over Boy Scouts Decision To Let Girls In

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Few organizations have suffered the beating that the Boy Scouts of America have suffered over the years. The best demonstration of this was their annual Jamboree, which Donald Trump tried to turn into a mini-Nuremberg Rally. They need some change — and in a historical change, the organization has announced that next year, they’ll start admitting girls.

So naturally, cue the right-wing meltdown. You know the routine: blame the liberals, blame the commies, blame the evil SJWs, blame everything except themselves for not progressing a day since 10,000 BCE.

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On the actual issue itself, I’m torn between my apathy (it’s the most constructive emotion I can muster) towards the Boy Scouts and my support for gender equality. This is a good thing — but the Girl Scouts are, undeniably, a better and more progressive organization. If I had a daughter and I had to choose, I’d choose the Girl Scouts. They started as an organization to challenge traditional gender roles, whereas the Boy Scouts started as an organization that reinforced those roles. I’m not alone in feeling that way, either.

Still, again, it’s a good thing, and it’s high past time for it to happen.

But of course, as we know, girls will get their girl cooties all over everything and ruin it. God forbid we challenge stale, Victorian-period gender paradigms:

Someone’s confused, alright, but I don’t think it’s the kids. One of my favorite epigrams is by Isaac Asimov, spoken by Salvor Hardin in the Foundation: “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.” Shame these folks never heard it.

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But they aren’t alone. Donald Trump Jr. had to step into it, as well — after all, stupid like the kind Trump Sr. exhibits is genetic and epigenetic:

Of them all, though, I think I like this one best:

I love the smell of an argumentum ad antiquitatem. Tradition, like its relatives violence and nationalism/patriotism, is the first, last, and only refuge of the incompetent.

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