Right-Wing Radio Hosts: ‘Whorehouse’ Public Schools Need To Be ‘Burned To The Ground’ (AUDIO)

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An extremist right-wing radio host condemned Washington State public schools during his show Friday and his co-host called for them to be “burned to the ground” for refusing to follow God’s laws by including gender identity issues in their curriculum.

Pastor Kevin Swanson, who is a longtime supporter of extreme right wing agendas and has even called for the deaths of homosexuals as a punishment for their sins, had this to say about public schools in Washington State:

the worst possible abominations are accepted in the state of Washington [and that the public schools are] whorehouses.

To which co-host Bill Jack replied,

sexualized public schools that violate God’s law with high levels of flagrancy.. we need to burn ’em down.

Jack goes on to state that if parents from the 1950s were to hear of schools teaching such things to their children they would not only burn the school down, they would use the schools’ brick to “stone the apostates.” And by “apostates” he presumably means public school teachers.

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Jack and Swanson feel that homosexuality is a crime similar to rape, and ask why rape is a crime in Washington if homosexuality is not. As if the two are synonymous. Says Swanson,

Rape is also against God’s law and I guess it must be against state law; I’m not getting why, though. Why in the world is a sexual crime against the law in the state of Washington if the other forms of crimes are not against the law in the state of Washington? See, this is confusing to me.

Why? Because separation of church and state.

Also, and we can’t believe we actually have to clarify this, a sexual act between consenting adults is an entirely different thing than someone violently forcing an unwilling party to have sex with them. It doesn’t matter whether or not your god thinks it is right.

And even if your god really is the “one true God” or whatever other bullsh*t you like to tell yourselves, doesn’t the Bible instruct you to mind your own damn business? Why is everyone on the right so infatuated with other people’s sex lives?

Here’s a thought: let’s let grown adults make their own decisions regarding their sexual preferences and just leave everyone the f*ck alone already. If your God smites them or they have to spend eternity burning in hell or whatever, that is their choice.

Also, please stop threatening to burn down our schools and stone all the teachers just because they don’t follow the laws of your god. Send your kids to a private Christian school if you want them to have the same sexual problems you do and be conflicted by their own sexuality, but leave everyone else’s kids, schools, and teachers out of it, thanks.

LISTEN: Crazy Christian Radio Hosts Talk About Burning Down Schools And Stoning The Teachers

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