Right-Wing Radio Host: Harry Potter Books Will Brainwash Kids To Be ‘Open’ To Gays And Immigrants

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Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, an evangelical radio host, decided to address the evil that surrounds the Democrats and Harry Potter books. It appears that he believes evil, in the specific forms of liberals and literature, will confuse his listeners. However, he uses his brand of skewed logic to confuse his ignorant followers. Irony, much?

It seems as though the man runs on confusion. According to his official website, he is a critic of the current civil rights and social justice movements. When he was young, he went the Malcolm X route and followed Louis Farrakhan and hated all white people. He grew up in the Jim Crow era, and naturally hated those who oppressed him. Now, it appears he has grown and only hates things he does not agree with – or thinks will turn his followers to the liberal side.

One of the things he really hates is Harry Potter books. Back in the day, when they first hit the reading scene, a lot of Christian extremists very religious people could not tolerate the books because magic was the focal point. They believed the series promoted witchcraft and Satanism. I mean, it is pretty far off from talking bushes and dead men rising from the dead like holy zombies, but it’s just fiction, right?

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He began by talking about what a horrible president Obama was. Because, thanks Obama, you’re everything that is wrong in this world. That’s always a good introduction for the people of his ilk. He then moved to Hillary Clinton, because why not?

That is an evil, evil, nasty, dirty woman. Thank God, thank God, thank God she did not win as president.

Oh yes. Praise sweet baby Jesus that Trump’s disgusting ass is sitting in the White House. (My Lord, why hast thou forsaken me?)

Apparently, Hillary has spoken about the positive influence of Harry Potter books on children. She spoke at an American Library Association conference saying books like the Harry Potter series have been proven to teach children to have compassion for those who are different.

She stated,

If we’re serious about raising curious, empathetic, brave citizens, that starts with raising readers.

That is unacceptable to people like Reverend Peterson. They may change the focus of their intolerance, but they remain intolerant of anything that goes against their rigid notion of what should be correct. He said in reply to Hillary’s statement,

If that is true, immediately stop your children from reading Harry Potter. If it’s true that reading Harry Potter causes kids to be more open to immigrants and LGBT people, then you’re going to pay for brainwashing, traumatizing, turning your children away from good toward evil. I would shut down those books right away if that’s true.

Brainwashing. Got it. That is nothing at all like indoctrination, is it Reverend? These kids may get their hands on a book that opens their minds to realize that people have different lives and different realities. It’s just awful that they may develop a higher sense of empathy than someone as hard as him. I am going out right now to buy every Harry Potter book. I want my children to think for themselves and not have others think for them.

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