Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist’s Opinion About Jay-Z’s Trayvon Martin Project Will Make You Vomit

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At times, I read Breitbart. I know, it’s horrendous. I read it so I can get an idea of what people on the “other side” are thinking. To be quite honest, most of it horrifies me. I am sure those readers could randomly pick out any of my articles and feel the same.

The Breitbart article that caught my eye today was entitled Jay Z to Produce Trayvon Martin Film and Documentary Series. As usual, it was rather straightforward. The author gave the news about a controversial topic, threw in a Jewish name like Weinstein and let the readers do the hating. I was NOT prepared.

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I read comment after heart-breaking comment, and decided to do an additional search for what others have written about Jay-Z’s project. I found a man named Dave Blount, owner and writer for the ultra-right conspiracy-theorist blog, Moonbattery. This man is listed in the Encyclopedia of American Loonswhich delves into some … well … batshit crazy people. This man goes beyond batshit into disgusting POS territory.

It would be difficult to imagine someone less worthy of admiration than Trayvon Martin, a lowlife punk who was evidently casing homes to rob when he was killed in self-defense while attempting to murder a neighborhood watch captain. That they will present him as a hero tells you all you need to know about leftists like Jay Z and Harvey Weinstein.

Let that vileness sink in.

Zimmerman could have avoided the whole situation if he had just listened to the 911 operator who told him to quit following Martin. That was all he had to do. Instead he continued pursuit of an underage kid walking home.

How would Mr. Blount feel if some perv was following his every move? Really think about that. Instead of turning Zimmerman into a hero for protecting his community, why not tell it how it is? Zimmerman was a grown-ass man following an underage kid at night. When Trayvon felt he had to protect himself, Zimmerman decided that killing him was an appropriate response to a punch in the nose.

Maybe Trayvon Martin was going through a rough patch and wasn’t the best kid. What teenager is perfect? The point is, we don’t know because we never got to meet Trayvon. He’s dead because a zealot decided a black kid had to be up to no good if he was out past sundown.

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