Rich Boy Jared Wore A Blazer To A War Zone And Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing At Him

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You’ve probably seen the pictures by now of Jared Kushner in Iraq, acting as an “envoy” on behalf of his Fake Tan Father-in-Law. Dressed up in a flak jacket over his blazer and khakis, Kushner was the picture of privilege as he was given a tour of the desert by the soldiers on the ground there.

For some reason, Kushner appears to be traveling with three other yuppie-looking assholes dressed exactly like him. It’s hard to imagine how well top-siders keep the dust off the bottom of your chinos, but at least the four tourists wouldn’t look dirty unless they spilled champagne on their matching navy single-breasted jackets.

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The tweeter above, @LouiseMensch, thought the pictures that made their way across the internet of the Kush Gang rolling with the 18th Airborne were funny enough to start a hashtag, and Twitter did not disappoint. Mensch herself had plenty of good suggestions for #KushnerAtWar, a hashtag playing on movie titles:

Plenty of other tweeters got in on the fun, as well:

Kushner’s sunny adventures in the Middle East reminded others of another faux-soldier…

…And even spawned a parody account of “Buster Kushner” playing on the same joke:

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The hashtag party is still going, and besides, we’ll never get tired of laughing at rich people pretending to understand what war or sacrifice is about. If you think of any more to add, make sure you use the hashtag #KushnerAtWar, and @ us alongside the creator — we’re @LeftWingNation.

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