Retired SGT. Is In Puerto Rico Saving The Lives Trump Is Ignoring (Videos)

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Jason Maddy is a retired Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Born in West Virginia, now living in North Carolina, he now finds himself in Puerto Rico physically helping those who need the most help from the recent hurricanes. He and a group of 11 other dedicated veterans traveled to Western Puerto Rico in the town of Aňasco. They collectively decided something needed to be done and they were the people to do it. They have rounded up supplies and are trying to get supplies to Puerto Ricans who are in the mountains and are not able to receive help.

In videos posted publicly to his Facebook page, Maddy talked about some of the obstacles the people in that area are experiencing. He wants to expose what’s really happening in the Western part of Puerto Rico – not what Trump and the White House says is going on. He stated,

Right now we are only giving out, to the people in the mountains, one small meal and six bottles of water per family. That is all they are getting… Basically, in this area, we’re the only ones here right now. We are 12 volunteer veterans and people are hurting really bad right now.

He and another volunteer veteran discussed the mudslides that have kept people prisoners in their own homes and barring food delivery. They discussed the mayor of the town, doing everything in his power to save his citizens; walking, personally delivering what he can to the people who aren’t able to get out. Maddy has posted several videos to his Facebook page trying to get the word out, to raise awareness and get more supplies for the people Trump would just throw paper towels to.

Another key point discussed in the videos was the red tape that is keeping supplies from San Juan coming into these remote areas. If the veterans made it into the mountains, why can’t officials? These posts and videos show the truth about the aftermath for the residents of Puerto Rico – the forgotten Americans.

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Watch these videos exposing the truth about the crisis many Americans are facing all alone:

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