Republicans Worried About Their Reputations Do Not Want To Work Under Trump

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Donald Trump is so winning that others are very hesitant about working with him. That includes officials in the Republican base. Some would say that those people are just afraid of being looked upon as losers in comparison to how graciously Trump is handling the pressures of the presidency. OK. Yeah, no. No one is saying that but Trump.

According to The Washington Postat least 27 Republicans have been asking if their reputations will be tarnished if they choose to work with the Trump administration. With the ongoing Russia probe and other legal investigations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill even some of the top open spots in the government. I guess this could, in part, explain why Trump has filled certain offices with people who have no prior experience – well, no experience suited for their new positions. For instance, recently making a party planner a director of HUD. Seems perfectly legit, doesn’t it?

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Of course, the White House is denying any such claims. According to Sean Spicer, resident ass-kisser,

I have people knocking down my door to talk to the presidential personnel office. There is a huge demand to join this administration.

You know if Spicey says it, it must be true.

At this point in time of Trump’s presidency, he has appointed 43 confirmed appointees to senior posts. At the same point of Obama’s presidency, he had 151 confirmed. Dubya had 130 at this point of his first term. Yes, even George W. Bush had more people who wanted to work under his administration. That says quite a bit, don’t you think? However, relying on alternative facts, Trump will try to say those numbers are higher than Obama’s.

Potential candidates have been watching Trump closely. They have been studying his treatment of senior officials. According to Bill Valdez, former senior Energy Department official,

Trump is becoming radioactive, and it’s accelerating. He just threw Jeff Sessions under the bus. If you’re working with a boss who doesn’t have your back, you have no confidence in working with that individual.

Trump can blame Democrats for the time it is taking him to find senior officials. In some cases, I guess it’s true. No Democrat wanted Sessions or Gorsuch (except Manchin). However, it’s fine – we are used to taking the blame for everything. However, the fact of the matter is that no one wants to work for a boss who may tweet about a termination before the official word has even been given. And no one wants to work for a boss whose primary goal is to make himself look good instead of focusing on the actual tasks at hand.

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