Republican Forced To Explain How Babies Are Made To Colleagues Who Want To Cut Prenatal Coverage

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Before I tell you about what happened, I’m going to be completely transparent: I do not like Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA). He has long fought to defund Planned Parenthood and has not ever defended women’s rights. Basically, he is a typical pro-fetus conservative who doesn’t believe we should have control over our bodies. That being said, he does think that prenatal care should be covered by Trumpcare and he recently called out his Republican colleagues who think that this coverage should be nixed.

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According to the Washington Post, during a discussion about some of his colleagues lobbying to destabilize risk pools across the insurance market by cutting essential health benefits like maternity care and causing rates to increase, Senator Cassidy remarked:

Yes, you want cheaper plans, absolutely. Unless you have a common risk pool, you end up with policies that don’t cover maternity. As best I tell, women don’t get pregnant without sperm.

He went on to say,”You know, I’m a doctor, and I know that might be med school. So, do you want a coverage that doesn’t include maternity that obviously would be principally appealing to young men, when it doesn’t include maternity?”

It’s sad that he had to explain to his Republican colleagues how baby making happens, but here we are. The party is so concerned with screwing over Americans, they don’t care that they are throwing their “pro-life” beliefs right out the window. Prenatal care is essential to the health and well-being of babies and women are not creating babies on their own. Unless, of course, we have millions of Virgin Marys walking around. The idea that men shouldn’t have to pay for policies that have maternity care is preposterous and even this anti-women’s rights conservative knows it.

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