Republican Congressman Blasts Chaffetz For Being A Vile Little Selfish Prick

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Less than 24 hours after Republicans in the House of Representatives finally revealed their replacement legislation for Obamacare, the process has already fallen into chaos and infighting. Four senators have vowed to oppose the bill, while outside groups Americans For Prosperity and Club For Growth came out against it this morning.

Even the GOP representatives who support the bill are at loggerheads over how to talk about it.

Today, less than an hour after Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) told CNN that poor Americans should just forego buying a new iPhone in order to afford health insurance, Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-IN) disagreed, saying that consumers should “absolutely not” be required to make such a decision.

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“Americans have choices and they’ve got to make a choice and so maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest it in their own healthcare,” Chaffetz blathered. “They’ve got to make those decisions themselves.”

I was a doctor before,” Bucshon told host Alisyn Camerota a short time later. “Those type of comments, I think, are unwarranted at this time. And so you know, we want to make sure everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Bucshon praised the regressive legislation, which would replace the current system of taxes and subsidies with smaller tax credits, a move that is certain to put policies out of reach for millions of families.

“We don’t want to make people to make choices in their life,” he explained. “Having to choose healthcare and leaving out other parts of their life that everyone else enjoys. So I don’t think that’s true. I think that this is not going to do that.”

Clearly, Reps. Bucshon and Chaffetz do not live low-income lives. They don’t know what it’s like to choose between eating nutritious food and paying a bill to keep the phone on. Because they enjoy fantastic, taxpayer-provided health insurance coverage, they simply can’t imagine Americans declaring bankruptcy and losing their homes over the expense of saving a family member’s life.

The people who show up at their town halls keep trying to explain it to them, but they aren’t listening.

Here’s the video. Watch:

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  1. What a liar this congressman is. This is not going to give more people coverage, just the opposite. These Repugnants are a group of liars.

  2. Anyone with half a brain know they can’t trust politicians since they are all a bunch of liars and love to spin. Sure we will all be able to keep our coverage if we stop eating so we can pay for it or move under a bridge.

  3. Before Obomacare an acquaintance that had a company sponsored policy that the employees thought to be good. When she became sick and had surgery the insurer claimed the problem to be “preexisting” and would not pay the bill of over $8,000. Is this what we can look forward to with the new rethug plans?

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