Republican Chuck Grassley Had A Covfefe Moment Last Night And Twitter Is Loving It

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Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley used Twitter to get a message out to his fellow Republicans last night, but it wasn’t very clear. In fact, the senior senator’s tweet was so jumbled, many of his followers wondered if he was having a stroke when he sent it out. Apparently, Grassley was trying to tell his merry team of assholes that if they did not pass their shitty healthcare bill they’d lose the majority in the next election–cause you know how 24 million people just can’t wait to be without insurance–but instead, this is what came out:

Did you have to read that 52 times to understand wtf he was saying? Yeah, us too. It looks like he knocked a few back and decided to drunk tweet. Instead of just using multiple tweets to say what he needed to say, he said,”Fuck punctuation!” Bless his heart.

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Twitter, of course, took the moment to mock the hell out of the senator and it was hilarious:

Oh Chuck, you should tweet more often.

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