Reporter Arrested For Asking Questions Loudly (VIDEO)

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Many people are asking what country we are living in after Dan Heyman, a reporter in West Virginia, was arrested for asking questions of Human and Health Secretary Tom Price, who was in Charleston, WV for an event addressing the state’s opioid epidemic. Heyman works for the Public News Service and covers mostly West Virginia-based stories.

He was attempting to ask questions about the new healthcare plan, the AHCA, and was arrested for asking off-topic questions in a loud manner. To be fair, Tom Price is a supporter the AHCA and that plan will effectively shut down addiction clinics in West Virginia.

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Incredulous, his colleague, Eric Tegethoff, tweeted:

This final tweet shows Heyman being taken in for booking.

Heyman has been released, but the ACLU-WV is on his case. The man should have never been arrested. We have a HUGE problem when our press is being detained for asking questions not “pre-approved” by our representatives.

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  1. Do we need to follow Price around asking questions directly, at these meetings? We need answers! Reporters need to get loud! We all need to get loud! Why do we? Because, things aren’t adding up! We are PAYING YOUR WAGES FOR YOU TO ARREST US FOR ASKING YOU QUESTIONS THAT YOU ARE ANSWERING! We shouldn’t need to get loud, but we are, because our tax dollars we work VERY HARD for are paying you to do a job, working for us to listen the first time and explain to us WHY you are or are not doing what you are doing. Let’s NOT FORGET HERE, WE ARE YOUR BOSS! THIS WAS RIDICULOUS!

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