Rep. Mo Brooks’ Response To GOP Shooting: MOAR GUNZ!

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Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) wants to be able to carry a gun around like law enforcement and plans to introduce legislation to make it a nationwide law. He was on the field during the shooting in Alexandria on June 14th, which is apparently where the desire to add more guns to the equation is coming from. He was apparently only a few feet from the shooter, James Hodgkinson, when he opened fire. Brooks ran for cover and later helped provide first aid to the wounded. Brooks’ name was on the list of targets carried by Hodgkinson, who had been seen hanging around the baseball field in the weeks leading up to the shooting.

Brooks has previously been concerned when crowds were more hostile after the election of the Cheeto-in-chief during town hall meetings. Gee, I wonder why people are pissed? Yeah, I didn’t have to think very hard about that one, either. When people feel marginalized by their representatives, tempers will flare.

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According to Fox Business News Sunday, Brooks stated:

Right now, when we’re in Washington DC, once we’re off the Capitol Hill grounds complex, we’re still Congressmen, Senators, we’re still high-profile targets, but we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves.

Isn’t that what security is for? I’m pretty sure most of them are stingy enough to have some set aside from charities in order to afford buff security guys.

But hey, let’s add more guns to the mix and see what happens! I expect a lot of people to run and hide even if they have a gun, not being trained in a situation like that and being utterly terrified. Or, you know, things could go down Wild West style.

Brooks went on to say:

I want Congressmen to be treated as if they were law enforcement, given that we’re high profile targets for the bad guys, the lone wolves, the terrorists, and I’ll be introducing legislation to that effect this week.

Yeah, that doesn’t mean that you will actually take the time to learn law enforcement techniques, you fool. I call bullshit!

In yet another bizarre idea to add even more guns to the already-present problem, Brooks supports a bill that would force states to recognize other states’ concealed carry permits issued from the owner’s home state. Yay, MOAR GUNZ!

In a side note, the burning question I have for this idiot is if he has any brothers named Larry or Curly, ’cause he sounds like a perfect fit for the Three Stooges.

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