Remember These Pictures Of Trump Dining Like A King While The Poor And Elderly Starve

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While our nation’s most vulnerable, the  elderly poor, are positioned to starve thanks to new budget cuts, our Diner-In-Chief remains privy to the gourmet lifestyle he has always enjoyed.

His opulent and palatial digs on Palm Beach–The Mar-A-Lago Club –features 20 acres of golf, gala balls and gastronomical adventure, all for the paltry price of $200,000 per year. Of course Trump, as a founding member and owner, reserves the right to visit whenever he chooses-and he does, nearly every weekend. So much for that billionaire lifestyle Trump cultists claim he is giving up!

But I digress. As part of Trump’s proposed budget, $6.7 billion is gutted from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Three billion of that will come from the Community Development Block Program, the umbrella that Meals on Wheels falls beneath. Meals on Wheels delivers over 200,000 meals to seniors every year.

Consider that as you look at the following pictures.

Or diamonds. . .

So, remember Trump is dining in style, eating a $20 Taco Salad on Cinco De Mayo at Trump Tower while simultaneously offending 55 million people in the United States. Remember that his latest suggestion regarding budget cuts might very well help defund one of the nation’s most famous forms of community care for the elderly.

That’s right, Granny! Get a job!

While funding from Meals on Wheels does come from multiple sources, the HUD cuts will affect poverty stricken individuals who rely on that program for housing assistance and other crucial quality of life elements. Meals on Wheels could very well be a victim to budgetary charades as well. All while President Trump continues to enjoy place settings like this at Mar-A-Lago.

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So next time you hear someone talking about how our “esteemed” president gave up his billionaire lifestyle by, you know. . .

  • procuring another private commercial airliner
  • living rent free in a 300 million dollar colonial mansion in D.C.
  • continuing ownership of a South Florida palace
  • owning a Manhattan penthouse and flying around the globe to meet people vastly more qualified for leadership than he

. . .remind them that this court jester of a president set into motion the defunding of programs so vital to poverty stricken America that it may, in fact, kill some of those who need the help most.

Making America Great Again?  That’s laughable at best.

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