Religious Right ‘Activist’ Says Vegas Shooting Is The Wrath Of God (VIDEO)

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Religious Right whackjob activist Dave Daubenmire is weighing in with his twisted take on why the mass shooting in Las Vegas happened and although it is predictable, his words will still make you furious.

On his Pass The Salt Live webcast this morning, Daubenmire explained that there is a reason why more than 50 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured — and it isn’t because of our country’s sick obsession with guns. Of course not. No, Daubenmire says the epidemic of mass shootings in the United States is actually “the wrath of God” reigning down fire and brimstone on America for being a nation full of wickedness.

He also stated,

In the world of America, where guys climb up on towers in Las Vegas and pick off people at a concert where people indiscriminately kill one another, the wrath of God [is] being revealed. See, the wrath of God being revealed means that the things that the Lord used to prevent, He doesn’t prevent so much anymore. He doesn’t prevent them. Maybe He doesn’t cause them, He doesn’t cause a hurricane to come into Houston, but He doesn’t prevent it. That’s for sure. Maybe He doesn’t cause that guy to shoot people, but He doesn’t prevent it. We used to have a sense of spiritual covering over us but it’s rapidly disappearing because, even though I stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, the American government is pretty wicked.

Watch Daubenmire explain that why Jesus is okay with murder here:

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