Rapper T.I. Is Not Putting Up With Lord Cheeto’s Sh!t And Racist Jerkwads Blame Obama

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Rapper T.I. has been on a roll with his hatred of King Cheeto. Last month, he defended Snoop Dogg after his video brouhaha. You know the video, the one where Snoop fires a fake gun at a clown named Ronald Krump. Trump had to rage tweet about it and T.I. did not appreciate it. He took to social media to reply:

[Snoop Dogg] is a f**king legend, you f**king Tangerine-Tanned Muskrat, scrotum skin, lacefront-possum fur wig-wearing, alternative fact, atomic dog diarrhea face-a*s man! Leave our legends names out ya f**king old a**, puppy piss smelling a** mouth, and continue to focus on dividing minorities, building barriers, alienating immigrants and f**king this country up like you’ve been doing. #UWannaBeDictator #PresidentialLevelF**kBoy.

(Be sure to read this aloud. It is so much more effective.)

T.I. has also called out fellow celebrities like Steve Harvey and Kanye West in a video on social media. On Thursday, he did the same on The View. He criticized them for meeting with Trump knowing that they were being used as pawns to try to gain more voters from the black community.

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Breitbart reported on the T.I.-Trump-hatred and their readers responded emotionally by being f**king racist assh@les and bitching about Obama. Because Obama is always fun to disrespect.

Wow. That was a whole list of hate there. They covered racism, homophobia and transphobia. It truly is amazing how thorough BB’s readers are in their hatred.

These two are just so witty. I have nothing else to say that isn’t pure profanity.

These people! This is a perfect example of everyday racism. The right-wing love to pin racism onto the left because we talk so much about inequality. This sh!t right here is why we talk about it!

Then there is this. In one way, the troll is right: a baby born in the hood does not have the same advantages of the baby born in a mansion. We all can’t be curing cancer, but it would be nice if we could start on semi-equal playing fields.

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Instead, we have idiots like those above who would love nothing more than to belittle black men in the media to make their pathetic selves feel better about their lots in life. These Trump-supporters are why T.I. is so angry that people like Harvey and West normalize Trump.

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