Racist County Commissioners Won’t Resign Because…Trump

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A special meeting was held Friday in Snohomish County, Washington regarding two commissioners’ resignations from Snohomish County Fire District 1 Board. At a meeting held on March 7, commissioners Chan and Meador had an inappropriate conversation about hiring practices for the fire department. The conversation was during a break, but it still upset many firefighters who called for their resignations.

The commissioners argued that they were just joking around because of Trump’s recent immigration talk. Are they serious? Suggesting Mexicans can’t do a job because they lack skills is NOT banter – it’s racism. There is no justification for racism. None.

However, Commissioner Chan did try to justify his comments.

If I was being condemned by these three sentences then I’d ask the union, did you ask the President, who said much more worse words to Mexicans, to resign.

Actually, a lot of us have asked the president to resign. He just refuses.

Is this going to be the new norm? People can say whatever racist crap pops into their little minds, but then excuse it because The Bloated One says worse?

Under normal circumstances, one would say that we can look to the president for some type of moral guidance – not with Trump in charge. Anything goes now: racism, sexual harassment, misogyny. Instead of our president being the ideal, he is now the benchmark for the allowable amount of hatred.

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The board did ask for these commissioners to step down, but the vote was tied – because Chan and Meador were still allowed to vote! After all, they are still on the board. Convenient, eh?

The Board cannot force the resignation of these commissioners because they are elected officials. The only way to remove them is by a public recall. That is some kind of extra special fuckery, isn’t it?

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