Pseudo-Christians Lose Their Minds After Islamic Worksheet Given To Students In History Class

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Christian Action Network (CAN) is a religious advocacy group that promotes biblical principles and values. According to its site:

CAN accomplishes its education work through direct-mail campaigns aimed at impacting public policy, along with public speaking engagements, documentary films, radio and TV interviews, books, and alliances with other organizations to impact change.

Like many of these organizations, CAN has a Facebook page and shares “informative” articles and news stories. Recently, they shared an article taken from Washington Times that discussed a mother in South Carolina infuriated over an Islamic worksheet. Her child was assigned this homework for a Survey of Civilization class that teaches students about various “religions, economies, and geographic regions.”

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The “Five Pillars of Islam” worksheet asked that children know the following:

  • “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.”
  • “Pray five times a day and visit a mosque on Fridays.”
  • “Give alms to the needy.”
  • “Fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.”
  • “Make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime”

And asked children to complete these sentences:

CAN’s post about the subject, where they claim the worksheet is “another example of Islamic indoctrination infiltration our public schools,” brought out all the ignorant, close-minded trolls.

As you can imagine, this stirred up all the good insane Christians in the Bible Belt:

Oh, you are so right, Margaret; nowhere in the pledge that our public schools STILL recite does it mention that we are one nation under GOD.  And while an ENTIRE school board files for unemployment, perhaps you can pray to your god that these people can feed their families. That is VERY Christian of you.

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Maribeth may have additional information omitted from this article. I did not see any prayers listed on that worksheet. In fact, all I really saw were the raw basics of Islam. When did learning become indoctrination? If your faith is so wavering that a lesson in basics sway your faith, you were never faithful. Period.

OH! He pulled out the church and state argument! Kudos to that, Mitch, but why is Islam “rubbish”? I never realized that Allah was also referred to as Satan. Oh wait. Muslims call the devil Iblees; just another basic fact that the worksheet didn’t even cover. As for Islam being a false religion, 1400 years say otherwise. It is just different than your religion and that scares you so you turn it into something evil.

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Somehow Obama’s name always comes up when certain Christians discuss Islam. How do these pseudo-intellectual Christians know so much more information than average Christians?
With a little research, I found Tony’s source. It appears to be a facebook meme:

The meme fails to mention that this is for ANY group of aliens, including non-Muslims. If there have been no attacks from seven countries, but a president bans those countries’ citizens from entering the US, does that change history? By all means, distort the truth to protect your bubble of blessed ignorance.

One sentiment that seemed to echo throughout the comments section of CAN’s post went something along the lines of:

Please keep our children ignorant of other cultures! The ignorance will help them in their adult lives as they leave Small Town, SC. Surely they do not need a larger understanding of the world around them in their adult lives.

The anti-Muslim sentiment has become so normalized that these people, who call themselves Christians, are not even aware of their mistrust and hatred. They project their fear and misinformation unto Muslims they have never met. Christianity is based on Jesus’s teachings in the New Testament of the Bible. Those values include acceptance and love, both of which are desperately lacking in this comment section.

The mixing of political and religious propaganda begets extremism. In turn, the ‘Christians’ who blindly accept anti-Muslim sentiments have become the very people they fear.

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