Phoenix City Council Wants To Stop Satanists From Giving Opening Prayers

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City Council members in Phoenix want a new rule enacted that changes how groups are scheduled for giving the opening prayer before meetings. The Satanic Temple of Tuscon was scheduled for a February 17 Invocation, but apparently a few Talibaptists council members had a problem with it. This seems to happen a lot regarding invocations by non Christian religions. If it isn’t Christian then it is not wanted at all, in fears that someone may leave the Christianity cult.

The current system allows groups to call the city clerk’s office to schedule a date. The new system would mimic what the state legislature does: The mayor and eight council members would select the prayer leader on a rotating basis.

The four council members — Jim Waring; Sal DiCiccio; Bill Gates; and Michael Nowakowski — want the new rule adopted with an emergency clause, allowing it to take effect within 24 hours. Waring told 12 News that the Satanists would then be disinvited.

Council Member Jim Waring (R), even though his case would certainly be defeated on Constitutional grounds, wants to take the Satanists to court in an attempt to prevent them from delivering the invocation, or even getting completely rid of it. Of course it would be a Republican pulling a stunt like this. Strange how it always seems to be the Republicans who constantly scream about adhering to the Constitution as they work to undermine the document they claim to support.

In Idaho, three lawmakers walked out in protest of a Hindu giving the opening prayer in March of 2015. Florida officials walked out on an Atheist invocation in December of 2014. Prayers were banned in Lincoln County, North Carolina after the chairman walked out during a Muslim invocation. So much for the guarantee of religious freedom as outlined in the Constitution of the United States. We can rest assured that the Phoenix Council will not select any non Christian for their opening invocations if the rabid Talibaptists get their way.

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