Racist Assholes Trash Philando Castile’s Family After $3 Million Settlement Reached With Police Dept.

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Valerie Castile, the mother of Philando Castile, has reached a nearly $3 million settlement in his death, according to an announcement Monday by her attorneys and the Minneapolis suburb that employed the officer. Castile was killed last July by an overzealous police officer who freaked out because a black man told him he had a permit to carry a handgun.

The $2.995 million settlement will be paid by the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust. It carries the insurance policy for St. Anthony, the city where Castile was murdered. It still requires approval by a state court, which could take several weeks. The lawyer representing Castile stated that the lawsuit would end a drawn-out court case that would, inevitably, cause the family to keep reliving the pain of losing their loved one.

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A lot of us feel as though $3 million just isn’t enough. It won’t bring Philando back and it won’t allow his little girl to feel more secure. However, there are those who are pissed that the family is getting anything monetary. They feel as though his death is a get-rich-quick scheme from his surviving family members.

Phoenix is the classic racist. Yes. All young black men are thugs. The lack of empathy is typicall for white supremacists who are scared shitless that brown people will one day outnumber them in their little podunk town.

Yes, Cheryl. This was his plan all along! He decided he was going to “look like a suspect” (*ahem* black skin) so he could get pulled over and shot in front of his girlfriend and child. He felt as though 32 years were exactly enough to enjoy life. People like Cheryl make me sick.

Oh, that’s so fucking funny. Let’s stereotype a grieving family because it’s fucking hysterical. If we’re going to stereotype, I’d say moonshine and Confederate flags would be on Robb’s list.

Says the white guy.

This is just proof that a tragedy can bring out the worst in people. The money is a small pittance in comparison to losing a family member forever. All these people see is that a black family received compensation – proving time and again that racism is alive and well in this country. I wonder if they would feel the same if his skin were white?

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