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Paul Ryan’s ‘Regular Guy’ Challenger Raises Incredible Amount Of Money In Campaign’s First 12 Days

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Just 24 hours after announcing his candidacy to run against House Speaker Paul Ryan in the 2018 election, Democratic challenger Randy Bryce had raised over $100,000. Just twelve days later, Bryce’s campaign has already raised over $430,000.

Bryce, who is an ironworker and bills himself as just a “regular guy”, stumped for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential election and seems to have a similar groundswell of support from the general public—rather than one or two large donations from corporations or special-interest groups, Bryce’s $430,000 has come from over 16,000 individual donations—an average donation amount of about $25 each. And Bryce is absolutely thrilled:

Just a few weeks into this race, we have seen what can happen when you have the power of working people on your side, and I am excited to work with everyone as we continue this fight through next November.

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Paul Ryan been very popular in Wisconsin in past elections and has held his seat for 20 years, but has been under increased scrutiny since Trump took office. His support of the House version of Trumpcare did not help his reputation among Wisconsin voters, many of whom claim they can’t wait until the 2018 election gives them a chance to tell Ryan how they really feel about his choices.


Bryce, whose mother has MS and takes 20 medications a day just to not be in pain, understands firsthand how much the people of Wisconsin have to lose if Paul Ryan and the GOP have their way with healthcare. As for why he is running against Ryan? The man whose Twitter handle is @IronStache due to his 20 years as an ironworker and his signature bushy mustache says this,

Not everybody is seated at the table. Its time to make a bigger table. We can do so much better when we work together as a community.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Can an ordinary citizen and underdog in a traditionally conservative district win the seat of an incredibly powerful and well-connected incumbent? If the $25 donations keep rolling in, he may just have a chance.


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