Paul Ryan Forced To Disavow A Trump Tweet…AGAIN

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It is no secret that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan does not like Donald Trump. The Republican presidential nominee’s ridiculously big mouth, bigotry, racism and everythingphobia is making Ryan’s life extremely uncomfortable. Instead of quietly hiding his hate like the rest of the GOP, Trump puts it on full display for the entire world to see and establishment Republicans are left trying to clean up his mess and unruffle feathers.

In fact, Trump is so out-of-control that most of the high-ranking Republicans cringe every time they are asked a question about his latest antics — Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch MCConnell have even refused to answer questions about him in the past. On Tuesday, however, Ryan was unable to dodge questions about his candidate in a radio interview with Charlie Sykes.

The conservative radio host asked the speaker about Trump’s anti-Semitic Hillary Clinton tweet over the weekend and Ryan responded:

Look, anti-Semitic images have no place in a presidential campaign. Candidates should know that. The tweet has been deleted. I don’t know what flunky put this up there. They obviously have to fix that. We have to get back to the issues that matter to the public. I was doing the Kenosha parade, the Marine parade, grilling brats with volunteers and families, if I had to stop everything and comment to a ridiculous tweet sent out by this campaign I would have no time for anything else.

Sykes went on to remind Ryan that this was a tweet put out by a candidate that he supports and Ryan, obviously annoyed that he was being tied to Trump said,” I know, you have reminded me this.” The radio host went on to ask if anyone in the GOP has called the nominee and told him to stop posting offensive things all over social media. Ryan answered, saying:

Yeah, I really believe he needs to clean up the way his new media works. Most importantly, as you know, one of the few times I spoke out against him during the primary very forcefully was in this area. When he failed to disavow supremacists, white supremacists. So look, I think this is really really clear, the point is, I think he needs to clean this up. My understanding this was done by staff not by he himself. More importantly they got  to clean this thing up.

It’s easy to blame Trump’s tweets on his staff, but I think we all know that is complete and utter bullshit. Donald Trump would not allow other people to send out tweets as him, he thinks he can do it all by himself because he “has a very good brain.” He has a very long history of posting vile nonsense on Twitter and even if someone else did it, he is ultimately responsible for the posts.

The great thing about Donald Trump is that long after he is gone, the stench of this campaign will be left on all of the members of the Republican party who endorsed him and that is great news for us in the Democratic party.

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