Pastor Says Evil Spirits Are Displeased That Trump Is President (VIDEO)

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Leave it to the right-wing nuts to hear voices speaking to them. Dutch Sheets, evangelical and author, says that God has been speaking to him about Trump’s presidency. “God” is super obsessed with this administration – it truly is HIS reality television. I wish whomever cast me had cast me with sane people, but it is what it is.

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Dutch Sheets (his name is too damn funny – sounds like articles in an Amish home) is convinced that the protests, unrest in Syria and everything else that’s bad in this world is a result of “evil spirits” being stirred up because Christians are winning with Donald Trump as president. I guess that’s one way to perceive things – it’s not correct, but zealots rarely are.

Sheets states:

The spiritual realm of darkness is about to start manifesting …. Much of the anger, government institutions, the protests that are happening, violence on our streets and even some of the leaders around the world like in N. Korea, Syria, some of these conflicts that have escalated … a lot of this is the manifestation of evil spirits. They are upset and they are angry. They are angry because they know that we the Church has moved into a season where we can experience great breakthroughs … like on the Supreme Court.

Wait just a damn minute. This fruit loop thinks that evil spirits are liberals? I mean, not really. I’m a fairly good person, I’m just angry about the national embarrassment that is Donald Trump. If Trump is the on the side of Christianity, I think I’ll stay on the side of heathenism.

Watch Dutch Sheets spew crazy from his face orifice:

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