Parents Scared Their Kids Are Going To Be Corrupted By The Transgender™ Lash Out At School Board

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In the Chicago suburb of Palatine, Illinois, the local election received more interest than it ever had before. Ralph Bonatz, Katherine David and Jean Forrest  ran against incumbent school board members in a movement they called “Parents With a Purpose.” Their prime objective was to overturn a decision that allows a transgender student access to the girls’ locker room based on her gender identity.

That’s it. They don’t want one transgender girl in the girls’ locker room.

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The would-be new school board members also support a federal lawsuit against the school district filed by a group of about 50 families calling themselves “Parents For Privacy.”  This group along with supporters like Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian group, say the transgender policy violates other students’ right to privacy. A representative argued that students who have been sexually abused may feel emotionally traumatized by having someone of the opposite biological sex in their locker room. There are victims of sexual abuse who don’t want anyone to see them undress, regardless of gender.

These self-righteous parents just need to STOP.  The students say this is a non-issue. The transgender student in the middle of the brouhaha says she uses the privacy stalls in the locker room without incident. She stated that other girls use the stalls, as well. Let’s face it, high school is awkward for most every kid. Remember the embarrassment of undressing in front of 30 classmates – people you didn’t CHOOSE to see you undress? Everyone’s hiding everything and it ALL feels emotionally traumatizing.

So, there’s cause to question the root of all of this “activism.” If the students don’t give a rat’s ass, why do the parents? School board incumbents have said that the current policy is working well and that future cases will be handled on a private, individual basis. Why get SO upset over the locker room?

They didn’t campaign to stop new, exorbitant taxes. They weren’t angry about the quality of their children’s education. They weren’t fighting to keep the library, art room, band building or theater. They were upset over the locker room and the fact that their devilspawn might see some dangly bits that will make them want to change their identity too, and it would just be one huge clusterf*ck of gender shifting heathens. Because that’s the way it works.

The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” really does apply in this situation. The kids are all OK – some even stepped in to try to stop the lawsuit. The parents need to get to OK and use that pent-up anger, or passion, or insanity, or whatever you want to call it, and use it for something worthwhile – like making sure their kids don’t grow up to be a#sholes like themselves.

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