Paperwork Proves Trump Never Stepped Away From Businesses (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump neglected to complete the necessary paperwork to remove himself from multiple businesses despite his promises to hand over the reins to Beavis and Butthead his sons. The stack of documents at Trump’s January press event, where he said he was stepping away from his business for the next eight years, turned out to be blank sheets of paper. Stacks of “official business documents” were blank. Nothing. Nada.

Trump hired tax attorney Sheri Dillon to manage the supposed handover of control to Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. She said in a statement,

The president-elect will have no role in deciding whether the Trump Organization engages in any new deal.

We called bullshit then and we’re calling it now.

Trump’s assets were never placed in a blind trust. Instead, Trump’s businesses are controlled by his family and chief financial officer. As it turns out, he is even able to withdraw money from his businesses at will without disclosure, according to documents filed by Trump in February. That in itself speaks volumes.

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Six months after Trump’s press conference with all the blank papers, New York continued to have Donald J. Trump listed as CEO or president at four different entities he claimed to have resigned from. He was still listed as the CEO of Trump Las Vegas Corp., a company called 3126 Corporation, Trump Ferry Point Member Club and Trump Empire State Incorporated. Two of those made new filings at the end of June that replaced Trump’s leadership with his immediate family and employees.

The new filings were only made after repeated phone calls and emails to the White House and the Trump Organization asking why Trump was still listed on state documents as being in charge of four Trump Organization entities. In other words, they wanted reporters off their backs.

This just goes to prove how unethical Donald Trump really is. He couldn’t even keep a basic promise to step away from his businesses while in office. This goes beyond a conflict of interests and into dirty business – the only thing the Donald is “winning”.  We must ask the Trump supporters one question. How many lies does he have to tell before you realize the man is not fit for the office of the President?

Take a look at all the blank documents on stage:

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